Sunday, May 27, 2012

Slide It!

Just put the finishing touches on a new project that I started. Initially I had a much larger scope project but after continually running into coding brick walls, I had to scale back on my ambitions and start from the ground and build my way up.

Slide It! is a classic slide puzzle game that we all remember from our childhoods. I even went so far as to use natural wood textures and some relaxed music with tactile feedback buttons to just give it a real low key vibe.
Developing this simple game was a challenge and actually took me over a month just to work out the logic and some other things as the base framework. I plan to expand on the work I've done here to continue to create more interesting games and sharpen my development skills.

You can check the game out over at Google Play store by following this link .

                                                                    or scan this qr code

I have a video on youtube that gives a little walk through on how to solve the puzzle and play my game. In this version there's no dragging only clicking next to the empty tile to swap positions.

I would appreciate some feedback, feature requests etc.

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