Thursday, May 31, 2012

Open source software and Independent game development

I have been working on some new games with my favorite framework, libgdx.

I do everything from coding, art, and some but not all music. Being a independent game developer is quite time consuming. From creating bug free code, to creating compelling art, marketing *which I don't do other than on this blog*

There are a lot of very talented coders out there but I have seen that a lot of coders doesn't have very good art skills. I wanted to start a little series where I create some art tutorials and have the artwork out there for anyone to use.

Now being a independent game developer, I am building from meek beginnings. What does that mean? Well I use free and open source software.

1. The libgdx game framework

  1. The most powerful cross platform game development framework.
  2. Supports webGL, Java, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows
2. Inkscape

  1. One of the best open source vector image editing software
3. Blender

  1. The best open source 3D modeling, rendering, animating software
4. IrFran View

  1. Used to convert image formats, resize images, do simple image editing.

Using open source software are often as powerful as the major ones sans the exuberant price tags. The main difference is the User Interface. Often I hear that open source software has terrible User Interface. I often say that it just takes a little getting use to. With that I wanted to start creating some art tutorials. I will be creating tutorials and providing the assets on this blog for download.

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