Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leadbolt, what...?

OK this is like my 3rd blog post and I'm talking about mobile ad networks to get revenue, why would I say Give leadbolt a try?

Check below for more details!

Honestly though I have to share my results with just a few apps that were learning experiences. I created three games so far my first attempt at a game, which was influenced heavily by Arkanoid. Break!, I previously made a post about that game. I also created another Arkanoid inspired game called Brexel. This one was head and shoulders above Break!, It had online scores, better graphics, dynamic sounds, amazing music, it was just an all around better game. You can check it out below.

Then I made a third game Beach Runner, this one was the most advanced game I ever made but there's a lot of room for improvement in the game play.
I will write a more detailed blog post about that in the future.

What does all this have to do with mobile advertisers? Well when I launched my first game around December 2011, I had google admob displaying banner ads in my games. From December 2011 to May 8th 2012, I've made about US $21.00 in total from admob, now when you initially release an app that's when you typically get most of your downloads.

Now over the past week I implemented leadbolts mobile ad units in the same games and I have seen really shocking results. In one week after implementing leadbolt I've already generated US $5.00 dollars.

Now keep in mind that my apps aren't downloaded many times and also from looking at my scoreloop daily user score reports and the information from leadbolt on a good day I get about 100 users but typically its between 10-50 users per day, so from about say 50 users per day over a one week period I made US 5.00, while over 6 months using admob I've made US $20.00. I think that shows leadbolt has to be the way to go for mobile developers who would like to get a little more income per month.

Now I am no where close to being paid yet since I need to reach US $100.00 to be paid but for the simple fact that I using leadbolt  in one week I made a 1/4th the revenue I made in 6 months on admob has proven to me that this is a path I want to take.

I would really recommend you go over and SIGN UP for leadbolts amazing service.

A few more things, using leadbolt you have direct contact to someone who will always answer your questions within a timely manner. You have their email address and skype contact information. Using admob I haven't been able to find a good way to get in touch with google about anything, even when I do send emails I get a cookie cutter email response that can be really frustrating when you have real issues that pop up. I haven't had that issue with leadbolt and my account manager.

Also to mention implementing their sdk is very simple, there is on .jar file that you add to your libs folder and  the rest of the work is done through the web interface that leadbolt offers.

I would really recommend anyone who has tried any other mobile ad networks to give leadbolt a try, they have may different types of offers with very high eCPM. Here is a short YouTube video about the ad types they provide.


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